Welcome to my side of the forest!

Who am I?

Pixelated 3D model of the shrubbyfrog mascot rotating clockwise
I am Eight Bit "shrubbyfrog", a tree frog with a love for cartoons and code! I have a very broad skillset — from art, to programming, to writing, I harbor a deep passion and enjoyment in crafting and developing things from the ground up. I am always striving to broaden my creative horizons and learn new things every day!

What do I do?

I am currently producing the Pseudonomics webcomic, which can be read here! I am an animator for Otherworldly Ravenous Beast and a handful of other to-be-announced web series. I have previously done work as a designer and graphics artist for Starseeker Bibi: Cargo Chase. A more extensive look at my creations and contributions can be seen in my portfolio!

What are my skillsets?

My programs of choice for my wide variety of artistic endeavors include: Medibang Paint Pro, Aseprite, Adobe Animate, and Blender. For editing, I use Audacity, Adobe Premiere, Swivel, and Aegisub. For programming, my IDE of choice is Brackets. I am currently most familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and GML, however I am always looking to expand my language library!


You can find me on the following platforms!